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It started with a crazy idea...

Sponsors For Kenya

Sponsors For Kenya was founded in early 2013 after a brief volounteer trip to Ngong and Mlolongo, Kenya in 2012. There was a clear need for safe housing, additional schools and support for the many vulnerable families and orphaned children in the area. We had helping hands and a will to make a difference. We decided to do what we can, because we can.


Kiotani School

Kiotani School in Lukenya Hills, about an hour outside Nairobi, opened it's doors to 26 eager students in January of 2015. Kiotani has since expanded to accomodate many teachers and more than 200 students. Many of the  students have been orphaned and Kiotani is their only chance of survival. The forgotten slums, as they are called, are filled with dangers. Alcoholism, prostitution, violence and starvation is a daily struggle. Since January of 2017, more than 100 kids have moved in and they are all very excited to have their own beds and a safe place to live, play, learn and be loved.

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