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How to help?

The best way to support Kiotani is to become a motnhly donor. Monthly donations help us calculate our annual income and therefore plan ahead. There are many options below and we are also happy to create a personal donation link with the amount of your choice.

Please consider signing up for monthly donations to help prevent starvation, abuse, unwanted pregnancies, drug addiction and illiteracy.


Donation Subscription links:

$5/month donation subscription:

$10/month donation subscription:

$65/month donation subscription:

Thank you! 





Help Kiotani become self-sustained. 

One goat or sheep:

Cost: $50

One tree (papaya/eucalyptus)

Cost: $2

Kiotani is bursting at the seams!

One acre of land:

Cost: $12,000


Sponsor a day-student for school days filled with fun learning, playtime and two nutricious hot meals (morning porridge and lunch.

Cost: $25 a month


Sponsor a child living at Kiotani  which covers all their needs including meals, school supplies, housing, education, medical care etc.

 Cost: $65 USD per month

an increasing number of kids we are outgrowing our playground. We are looking for a sponsor to make possible another set of four swings and a slide.

Cost: $2,000

Kiotani is expanding and more teachers are needed.

Sponsor a teacher salary for one year.

Cost: $1,800 

We are currently fundraising to  build a boarding house for the boys   with a maximum capacity of 80 children.

Cost: $80,000


If you or someone you know would like to make a donation, click the button below or send us an email at for more information.

För Svenska bidragsgivare finns även

Swish: 123 224 29 49 eller

Bankgiro: 159-1924, Swedbank



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