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Kiotani, meaning "In the nest" in Kiswahili, is located in Lukenya Hills about an hour south-east of Nairobi.

It is where Sponsors For Kenya in collaboration with Positive Life Kenya and New Hope, on January 12th, 2015 opened Kiotani Day and Boarding School. Kiotani now has around 100 children from the neighbourhood and an additional large group of boarders who are happy and eager to play and learn. Some of our kids walk for two hours to get to school. Our teachers do a wonderful job encouraging and guiding the children. We also have a groundskeeper, a cook, a night guard and caretakers for the orphaned and most vulnerable children living at Kiotani. Most staff members live on the property with the children. 

In early 2024 there is proper housing for our teachers.

We are always expanding and never turn a child down who needs safe housing. We rely on donations at the moment and our goal for the year 2030 is that Kiotani will be  self-sustained and not have to rely on external funding.




Kiotani has solar panels for  sustainable electricity and a biogas system helps with the high cost of cooking fuel. Since 2015 we have our own well with clean water that supplies the farm and school.


In 2022 we were able to  build a boarding house for the boys   with a maximum capacity of 40 children. The former volounteer house and the former classrooms had previously been fitted to accomodate two groups of boys since seperate accomotation is required for boys and girls according to government standards. 


The greenhouse and fields of crops hold tomatoes, kale, spinnach, corn, eggplant and onions that is sold to make an additional income and to provide the children with nutritious food. There are also many goats, cows, pigs, rabbits and various types of poultry on the farm that generate extra income and provide neccesary nutrition.

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